All copyrights to the novel are held by the author, Shui Quan (水泉). This translation will be removed immediately should any legal objection to its distribution occur.

Please do not copy/paste my translation anywhere without asking me first and giving credit for my work.

This translation will always be available for free, do not attempt profiting off it.

If you want to share this translation, please just post a link.

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Part 1 of V1C1

UPDATE: The names of the Five Lords have been changed. Please refer to the characters tab for the changed names.

AHHHHH We’ve been so busy this school semester! No time to work on this at all. =( To make up for it we promise to finish translating half of Volume 1 in May and complete V1 by June!

So we decided to go ahead and post this unfinished chapter anyway. Have fun reading.

By the way, I added several Sunken Moon scans to the new “Images” tab, and will upload in-text pictures whenever I can from now on. XD

Volume 1 – Fantasia

Chapter 1: The Deceased Has Not Yet Died

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V1 Prologue

And the prologue is up :) Next is chapter 1

Volume 1 – Fantasia: Prologue

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New blog

I started a new blog! The very first update is an introduction to Key of the Sunken Moon. The prologue will be posted soon. Because the following chapters after that are really long, I’m going to translate and update them bit by bit. So stay tuned!

Volume 1 – Fantasia: Introduction

And happy Valentine’s day!

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