Part 1 of V1C1

UPDATE: The names of the Five Lords have been changed. Please refer to the characters tab for the changed names.

AHHHHH We’ve been so busy this school semester! No time to work on this at all. =( To make up for it we promise to finish translating half of Volume 1 in May and complete V1 by June!

So we decided to go ahead and post this unfinished chapter anyway. Have fun reading.

By the way, I added several Sunken Moon scans to the new “Images” tab, and will upload in-text pictures whenever I can from now on. XD

Volume 1 – Fantasia

Chapter 1: The Deceased Has Not Yet Died

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5 Responses to Part 1 of V1C1

  1. Renwoxing says:

    ty luv u ^^

  2. jeanne95 says:

    is really good i want to keep reading, good job with the traslation i’ll bw waiting for more :D

  3. shohana says:

    hi love the traslation but watin for long time for next chapter. can u tell me when the next chapter will be up.

  4. xpan says:

    Thank you for translating this. I hope you haven´t given up on this story.

  5. Yuki Snow says:

    Giraffe Corps is also doing this translation… But they used the Chinese name which is Chen Yue Zhi Yao. They’re at chapter 6 already…

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