V1 Prologue: A New Life

-Translated by BluePhoenix, Credits to dawnelkin for reference translation

“To be precise, this chapter should be called the transition between my new life and my old life…” — Fan Tong

The time was the middle of the night, the location was outside the passage of the Sunken Moon, and the situation was one group of people chased away another group of people, then surrounded a half-dead person wondering what to do.

The half-dead person was called Fan Tong, and he was a migrant who had just come to this world. Normally, he should have been brought back and resettled by the people from either East City or West City, but unfortunately, he was affected by the fires of war, being hit directly by a fireball hurled by one of West City’s people. Even though West City’s people had already been chased away, in the face of such exceptional circumstances, East City’s people stayed where they were in dismay.

“Lord Luo! His soul is nearly separated from his body already!”

“Lord Luo! What should we do now? Should we heal him? Or just liberate him with one blow from a knife?”

The one surrounded by a crowd of people asking questions was a young and pretty boy. At this moment, he who usually presented a calm façade let out a rarely seen look of uncertainty.

Although he was the leader of this group of people, it was hard for him to make a decision.

If Lord Luo’s distress was mental, then Fan Tong’s distress was physical. He mysteriously came to this world, not understanding what was going on at all. At first, he thought that this was a dream, but was later told that he was dead. Now, it seems that I am about to die again?

Although he did not want to die, regardless of whether he was going to be healed or directly enter the phase called death, he felt that anything was better than remaining in this excruciating state where his flesh and blood could not even be distinguished and they delayed killing him.

“If he dies here, which pool will his soul be sent to?” Lord Luo asked stiffly. There hadn’t yet been any case of a migrant dying before he was assigned a rebirth location. So when Fan Tong died, he was unsure whether he would float up from the pool like a normal migrant. If he were sent to the West, wouldn’t that be giving them free manpower? This was not funny, after all, they were here to snatch people.

Although Fan Tong could understand their language, he did not have the knowledge necessary to understand exactly what they meant.

“Kill me…”

After doing his best to squeeze out one sentence, Fan Tong despairingly discovered that once again, he had been betrayed by his mouth.

He had wanted to tell them not to kill him, but the meaning was reversed. If he really died because of this, he would definitely seek out and take revenge on the woman who cursed him.

On closer thought, though, he was already dead. If he still had to travel far away looking for a person, it would be quite troublesome, so he should think about it carefully again.

“Are you…” Lord Luo hesitated for a moment, uncertain, before continuing, “…in great pain?”

Bullshit! Are you asking me this kind of question because you are a spoilt child who has never been hit by a fireball before!? Fan Tong shouted in his heart, although if never being hit by a fireball meant that a person was spoilt, then there would be a lot of spoilt people in the world. But right now, Fan Tong did not have the energy to think about whether his thoughts made sense.

“It doesn’t hurt at all!”

That was definitely not him trying to be strong. It was just the curse at work.

Can you please not force me to speak in this kind of situation? It makes no difference whether I talk or not. Fan Tong could not help but feel depressed.

Lord Luo looked at him strangely, probably because he did not look like he was not in pain at all. He could not understand something as contradictory as someone who asked him to kill him and said he was not hurting at the same time.

Fan Tong really wanted to ask them, if they weren’t going to kill him or save him, then could they at least spare him some painkillers? He was just thinking how to get his meaning across properly, when he suddenly noticed that everyone had a look of respect on their faces. It seemed that another person had come here, and they automatically formed a path for him to walk through.

“Lord Ling.”

As he walked nearer, Lord Ling’s features became clear to Fan Tong under the light from the passage. Fan Tong gawked at the sight.

An…angel? So there is still a possibility that this place is heaven?

“Lord Ling, how should I deal with this…” Lord Luo requested a little reluctantly, biting his lip. Just now, he had used his communication charm to request for Lord Ling’s aid, but he felt rather depressed at his own inability to solve his problems, having to instead rely on others.

Without even spending a few seconds deliberating, Lord Ling commanded, “Throw him back into the passage and finish him off so that he can be reborn.”

In an instant, Fan Tong fell from heaven to hell.

So it wasn’t an angel, but a witch?

“Oh, so the passage has the power of rebirth too.” Lord Luo heaved a sigh of relief and made a ‘so it was that simple’ kind of expression. He raised a charm with one hand.

W-Wait a second… Fan Tong’s eyes widened. He really wanted to tell them to stop, but there was a ninety-percent chance that he would say things like “hurry up” or “bring it on”. Although he could gamble on that ten-percent chance of successfully expressing himself, would anyone care about what he said?

“You already said that your injuries right now are not painful, so this also shouldn’t hurt much.” Probably because Lord Luo saw his frightened expression, he wanted to explain a little and reassure Fan Tong.

But to begin with, the whole ‘it doesn’t hurt at all’ business was just a misunderstanding!

The subordinates standing nearby picked up Fan Tong’s body and threw him into the passage without giving him a chance to resist. Fan Tong felt that they were already treating him as a corpse. The last thing he saw before he died ‘this time’ was Lord Luo holding up a charm, leaping forward, and throwing the self-igniting charm at him in one graceful movement.

“Fire Seal!”

Based on the visual effect and the burning pain, the attack was not too different from that big fireball. However, Fan Tong later learnt that ‘Fire Seal’ was actually one of the most basic offensive spells of the School of Charms…

Although this sounds very weird, Fan Tong still hoped that the memory of his first death in this world should at least be one where he was killed by a flashy finishing move! Because that was what anyone who had no choice but to die would hope for!

The feeling of being KO’d by such a basic spell was like having it announced to him that he was just an insignificant extra character who could never make it big…

Fan Tong’s afterword:

Based on my many years of experience in the fortune-telling business, I dare say that this is definitely a bad start. Sigh, if things continue this way, there won’t be enough impact. Does anyone have a bowl for me to tap1? Okay, I know that this may be going a little too far, since they can’t even afford to spare me any painkillers, but I want a miracle, so that maybe the bowl can change into a wooden fish2? This is what my life is like!

You say that my life has already ended? That’s right, from what you’ve heard up to now, my life seems to have ended two times already. Also, all this appears to have happened in one day. I’m not really sure how I died in my original world, but I know that this time, I was burnt to death.

As for why that bishōnen chose to use fire, according to my genius intellect, he must have thought that since I said the big fireball didn’t hurt, then it would be okay to use a similar fire attack. He could even reduce my pain… Is he really so considerate? Is human nature so beautiful? No matter how I think about it, I feel that I’m too naïve. There might be hundreds of thousands of reasons other than this one, but, what’s done is done. I guess I should start afresh with my life. Maybe I can open a fortune-telling shop in this world?

This world is really amazing. No, I should say that it is very hard to understand. My body regrew from scratch, like a molting insect. As for what happened to my old body… it’s not worth mentioning. Okay, it’s actually because I didn’t dare to look. I really don’t have the hobby of admiring my corpse. Really, I don’t!

Also, this passage is rather considerate. After it helped me make a new body, it didn’t forget to give me a set of clothes that were of similar style to theirs, sparing me a lot of embarrassment when I got out. Tsk tsk.

When I exited from the passage, that person who was as beautiful as an angel but as cold-hearted as a witch walked in front of me. He raised his right hand, causing his clothes to suddenly flap in the wind, which made him look all the more like a deity. Next, he held up that graceful hand of his and made a gesture in front of my face. I saw a watermark-like thing expand in front of my eyes, and then…

After that, I think I fainted and forgot about a lot of things.



1 Tapping bowls: Beggars tap on their bowls with their chopsticks when they are begging for food.

2 Wooden fish: Buddhist monks tap wooden fish rhythmically when they chant scriptures. What Fan Tong means is that he wants to be promoted from a penniless beggar to a poor monk.

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