-Translated by BluePheonix

“Fan Tong1, the representative of the new generation of exemplary and good-hearted young people, was cursed to say the opposite of what he means nine out of ten phrases by an evil bitch…”

“Take this back and rewrite it.”

“Fan Tong, an extremely gifted fortune teller who could predict the future accurately, was cursed to say the opposite of what he means nine out of ten phrases by a woman who wasn’t happy at being called ‘old hag’…”

“Don’t you feel embarrassed reading this?”

“Fan Tong, a person who died mysteriously, was sucked into a parallel universe, bringing the curse he had in life with him. How does he survive in this strange world where a person can die and live, live and die, then die and live again? Can be become a hero? Actually, is he fated to save this world?”

“Don’t write your delusions down.”

“Fan Tong… I don’t want to write anymore! Why do I have to introduce myself!? This kind of work has nothing to do with me!”


Fan Tong, a regular commoner, never thought that he would wake up in a parallel universe one day and have it announced to him that he was already dead.

In order to survive in this new world, besides learning everything about this place and figuring out how to lower the probability of him dying, he has to deal with that cursed mouth of his that cannot say anything good.

Although everything that happened was very illogical, what happened had already happened. Resigned to fate, Fan Tong decided to face everything with an optimistic attitude, bravely tackle his life after death, and impress his sincerity onto his friends’ hearts!



1 Fan Tong: 范统 in Chinese. His last name is 范 (fàn), and his name is 统 (tǒng, which can mean ‘command’ or ‘all’). His name sounds exactly the same as ‘饭桶’, which literally translates to ‘rice barrel’, and means a person that is good for nothing but consuming rice.


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