I will add more stuff to this list as more repeated terms appear. Terms that only appear once will be explained in the footnotes at the end of chapters.


Rice Barrel: Fan Tong’s nickname.

Rice Weevil: Mi Chong’s nickname.


Fantasia: The name of the world this story is set in.

Night’s End/East City: The ancient China-themed city in East Fantasia.

Fallen Moon/West City: The medieval Europe-themed city in West Fantasia.


Five Lords: The five people with the highest status in East City. They are: Lord Luo, Lord Hui, Lord Ling, Lord Yin, and Lord Wei.

Empress: The ruler of East City. She is very cold-hearted, and always listens to Lord Wei’s suggestions while ignoring the other Lords’ opinions. Lord Yin is her personal servant who does all her chores for her (like dressing up, putting on makeup).

King: The ruler of West City. He always uses a body double for official events because he is too young, so nobody knows what he really looks like.

Godly Weapons/Artifacts

Sunken Moon: Has the ability to summon the souls of dead people from parallel universes. However, only people who have died 1) in accidents, 2) with regrets, and 3) young children can be summoned.


Tassel: In East City, the color of one’s tassel indicates one’s strength. White is the weakest, and black is the strongest. Even within each color, there are different shades. e.g. green includes pale green and green.
A person's strength is indicated by the color of his tassel. From weakest to strongest: white, green, blue, red, purple, black

Migrant: People whose souls have been summoned from parallel universes by the Sunken Moon, and given a new life in Fantasia. Every time they die, they can be resurrected in the Pool, which is powered by the Sunken Moon’s magic.

Native: People who were born in Fantasia. If they die, they cannot be resurrected, so they must value their lives much more than the migrants.


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